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    When do I get the results of my exams?

    Students will receive an informal indication of their result immediately after attempting a CBT. A formal result will be notified to them by the AAT within 2-3 days of sitting an exam at Levels 2 & 3.

    Currently Level 4 CBT’s will take approximately 6 weeks to mark by the AAT. An instantaneous result is not possible currently at this level since all CBA’s will include extended written tasks and these will still be marked by AAT markers. This is still four weeks faster than the previous ten week turn around time for paper based exams assessed under the previous AAT diploma pathway qualification.

    Students will be able to sit a retake with McArthurMorgan (if relevant) within a couple of weeks of their previous attempt, rather than waiting 6 months as was the case under the paper-based system.